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The Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institution (AEMFI) is pleased to announce the 8th Bi-Annual Microfinance Conference to be held from  October 22-24, 2014 in Hawassa. 

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Publications of AEMFI

Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions (AEMFI) publishes conference proceedings, occasional papers, bulletins and journals on a wide variety of issues in the microfinance sector.

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Why Social Performance Management is important

By managing both their social and financial performance MFIs can be effective in achieving their social and financial performance MFIs can be effective in achieving their social mission and growing into sustainable businesses.

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African Microfinance Conference 2011
Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions (AEMFI)
and Microfinance African Institutions Network (MAIN
Africa Avenue, Bole Road

The African Microfinance Conference has been regularly conducted every two years. The conferences in South Africa, Uganda and Burkinafaso were successful in attracting huge and diverse participants. More than 500 participants attended in the Burkinafaso conference. The increase in the number of participants each year reveals the importance and the value addition of the conference in the development of inclusive finance in Africa. It was in the last conference 2009, in Ouagadougou, that Ethiopia volunteered to host the 2011 event in Addis Ababa.

The theme of the 2011 conference, “ The Future of Inclusive Finance in Africa “ is a real and forward looking theme. According to ACCION International. Inclusive finance is about all people who can access and use quality financial services at affordable price, in a convenient manner and with dignity for the clients. It means carefully considering the needs of different categories of clients, encourages participation of variety of actors in the sector. It is about democratizing the benefits of financial services and generating economic citizenship. Inclusive finance is an innovative approach and considers rural-urban dimension but also considers certain segments of society like disabled people. Inclusive finance has become a timely issue drawing the attention of the practitioners and development partners but also other stakeholders. The G-20 has launched Financial Inclusion Expert Group; the UN is also interested in this issue and has appointed the Princess Maxima of the Netherlands as its Special Advocate. Papers are being published and conferences are held around the world on these issues. Africa needs to debate on this issue and clarify its position.

The organization of this conference in Addis Ababa is the result of a joint effort by a range of institutions, led by the AEMFI, and MAIN where the two networks have joined hands to bring the issue of inclusive finance on the top of the agenda of governments and donors in Africa. The organizers know that you are pioneering financial market development initiatives and the expansion of inclusive finance to the excluded population. We believe that your organization is one of the key players in the campaign for inclusive finance.

The conference is expected to bring together at least 600 participants from Africa and the rest of the world including microfinance practitioners, regional and national networks, external partners, researchers, academia, policy makers, bilateral/multilateral development/donor agencies, UN agencies, regional development/financial agencies, etc.

This is to request you to sponsor this conference. Sponsoring this unique conference will give you an opportunity to promote the activities of your organization. To this end, the conference will provide appropriate exposure at the conference hall, in the conference publications and the website of the conference. Depending on the level of sponsorship, we will also waive the registration costs of a specific number of your delegates at the conference. A number of sponsorship options are available to allow you to select the level of participation most suitable.

Sponsorship Options

Cash contributions

Silver, gold and platinum sponsorship packages allow sponsors the ease of direct financial contribution guaranteeing sponsor recognition on all conference materials and, depending on the level of contribution, can secure exhibition space as well as free entrance to the conference.

In-kind contributions

The conference affords sponsors the opportunity to supply items of use to hundreds of conference delegates. Conference bags, pens and notebooks will be distributed to all delegates and the sponsoring organization will be allowed to prominently display their corporate logos on selected items.

The organizing committee is pleased to offer sponsors a range of opportunities to support this conference as follows:


At US $40,000 or over, the sponsor will enjoy the following benefits:
• Logo will appear on all marketing materials as well as the conference bag
• A free 3 x 2m² exhibition space
• Registration fee for two delegates will be waived
• Opportunity to include a brochure to be inserted into the conference bags.
• Verbal acknowledgement during the conference opening
• A 15 minute timeslot during the Gala Dinner to address hundreds of delegates
• On-screen rolling logo advertisements during the conference
• Sponsor will be able to prominently display their banner during the event


From US $20,000 to US$39,999 the sponsor will enjoy the following benefits:
• Logo will appear on all marketing materials
• A free 3 x 2m² exhibition space
• Verbal acknowledgement during the conference opening
• Registration fee for one delegate will be waived
• Sponsor banners will be prominently displayed at the event


From US $10,000 to US $19,999 the sponsor will enjoy the following benefits:
• Logo will appear on all marketing materials


Typically one of the most popular methods of sponsorship, we can only allow one sponsor to supply each pens and notepads for each delegate registered for the conference. The first request for this level of sponsorship shall be chosen. Act now!


Conference sponsors and exhibitors are further eligible to distribute corporate marketing materials such as flash sticks, T-shirts, Sun visors etc. Coordinate with Global Events Management for further details.


Additionally, there will be opportunities to exhibit at the Conference venue, for further details coordinate with Conference Organizing Committee.

To take advantage of this opportunity to support the development and advancement of microfinance in Africa and beyond, please contact:

Conference Organizing Committee at Bole Road, AEMFI office
Tel; 251-011-5503829/5511567
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Latest news

AEMFI hosted the12th AFMIN Conference & General Assembly- Oct 16-19, 2013

AEMFI successfully hosted the 12th AFMIN Annual Conference and General Assembly from October 16-19, 2013 held at the Africa Union Conference Center in Addis Ababa. The African Microfinance Networks (AFMIN), network of microfinance institutions representing 25 African countries organized the conference. The main theme of the conference was"Inclusive Finance for Inclusive Growth and Transformation in Africa". The main objective of the conference was to bring together microfinance practitioners, development partners, technology providers and policy makers discuss the future expansion of inclusive finance in Africa.

AFMIN poster for news release

The conference featured a welcome speech from the following:

  • AtoTekleweyniAssefa, board chairman of AEMFI,
  • Dr. WoldayAmeha, CEO of AEMFI,
  • Mr. OusmaneThiongane, chairman of AFMIN and
  • Mr. Davy Serge Azakpame, CEO of AFMIN

Mr. MakarimiAdechoubou, head of the regional office for Africa, UNCDF gave a keynote speech.

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AEMFI inaugurated its G+4 new multipurpose building

AEMFI inaugurated its G+4 new multipurpose building on April 29, 2011. The board chairman of AEMFI, Ato Teklewoni Asefa, officially inaugurated the new multipurpose building.aemfi-building-1

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AEMFI in Social Performance Task Force Meeting


In June 2010, AEMFI participated in the annual conference of social performance task force in Bern, Switzerland. At this conference, global, regional and national networks met to share experiences and concerns, gave up-dates on progress made towards last year's objectives, and determine which key issues should inform the plenary meetings

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AEMFI launched its new website

eas-profileThe Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions (AEMFI) has launched its new website. The website was developed following a standing IT partnership agreement signed between AEMFI and EAS Software Technloloiges PLC

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The Association of Ethiopian Microfinance Institutions (AEMFI) was established in June 1999 as a non-profit non-governmental organization after its legal registration by the Ethiopian Ministry of Justice.

Currently AEMFI has 30 member MFIs providing microfinance activities in the areas of credit delivery, saving, money transfer, and pension payment services in 8 of the 11 regional states/administrative organs of the EFDRE.

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